Tamzin has two works in progress. The first is a contemporary ecological ghost story about a dyslexic 11-year-old boy. The second is a historical novel, set in 1905, featuring a trailblazing 14-year-old.


Luca understands football and factorial equations. His broken-up family, however, is a riddle he doesn’t know how to solve. During a trip to London, he enters a foggy world of wrecked ships, wurlitzers and wonder.

A wish on the Number 65 bus unleashes an unexpected chain of events involving a teen ghost and a Polish ice-breaker. Can Luca conjure enough magnetic force to bring his sister Robyn back home?

The Hem and the Horizon

Driven from her home in Chicago by street violence, Mattie Errington leaves America to join her sister in Europe. She arrives in Paris in the dawn of the 20th century, during the seductive belle époque.

In this dazzling new world, Mattie experiences a new artistic savagery among the young ‘wild beasts’. Is she able to save herself from the glittering temptations of the metropolis and bring about her own emancipation?